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Olive Stone Farm is a small, charming farm located in the center of Montagu town in the Western Cape. The farm is characterized by its architecture, welcoming warmth, beauty, and attention to detail.

This farm has been lovingly transformed from what was once simply a piece of land populated with olive trees, into a working farm that offers off-the-grid self-catering cottage accommodation. The cottages are carefully designed and built out of stone that was sorted and collected from farms outside Montagu.


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A hand-packed stone barn and animal kraal, a thriving vegetable garden and natural stone swimming pools all adds to its character. It is home to chickens and sheep, and even a tamed guinea fowl or two.

Olive Stone Farm produces its own delicious olive oil, bottled olives, vegetables (guests are welcome to make use of the vegetable and salad garden) and proper free-range eggs. In autumn the Mission and Frantoio olives are hand-picked and pressed to produce oil that is soft on the palate and sweet to the taste.