Our Story


So where do we come from and why are we here?
For six long years we travelled around the Western Cape to search for a home to suit the needs of our family.
One of the requirements was for our children to go to high school from home. With the future in mind, finding a sustainable business was also important.

Our previous home in Swartwater, Limpopo had an excellent primary school, but the high school was 200km from our farm. Boarding school was not an option for us as a family. Parents play such an important role in the lives of their children, sculpting them into responsible human beings and adults.

Long story short, we drove into the town of Montagu, Western Cape, one late afternoon. The Klein-Karoo town was sunny and pleasing to the eye and the people in the little shops were friendly and accommodating.

By now Johan was an expert at finding available properties. He immediately searched for properties in Montagu and lo and behold, Olive Stone Farm was on the market. This olive farm had only been on the market for a week or two. When neighbors asked the previous owner what he knew about us, his answer was; "All I know is that they drive a Ford!"

Our why was to be close to our kids during their teenage years.
Our why was to be able to live on a farm but still appreciate the luxury of a town close by.
Our why was to be able to share this beautiful and unique piece of land and its produce with guests from all over the world.

And our why was to work with our kids in a sustainable family business where much can be taught and learned.

And THAT is our why.